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terrine n : a pate or fancy meatloaf baked in an earthenware casserole

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  1. A dish or pan, typically used for casseroles and made out of pottery.
  2. A pâté baked in said described dish which is served cold.



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A terrine is a glazed earthenware (terracotta, French terre cuite) cooking dish with vertical sides and a tightly fitting lid, generally oblong or oval. Modern versions are also made of enameled cast-iron.
Terrine may also easily be confused with tureen, a large, deep, and usually round or oval covered dish, used for serving soups or stews.

Food item

By extension, the term also refers to food prepared in a terrine, mainly game and venison, brawn (head cheese) and pâtés, and served in it. If it has been pressed and chilled, then turned out for serving in slices, a terrine becomes a pâté, which Julia Child called "a luxurious cold meatloaf" (The French Chef Cookbook p 28).
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